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We use the 000 size capsules which hold roughly 1 gram! Most vendors use 00 sized capsules which only hold .5 grams.

The kratom used in our White Maeng Da Capsules is the same kratom that we sell as our White Maeng Da kratom powder. This strain of kratom comes from the island of Borneo in Indonesia. White Vein Maeng Da is the 2nd best selling strain in our store.

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White Maeng Da Kratom 

The world of kratom is an interesting one, with White Maeng Da Kratom ranking among the most popular kratom strains available today including kratom powder as well as supplemental dietary product available on the market. This will be part of the highest quality Kratom amongst kratom products.

Although kratom is often shrouded in mystery as there are many strains, we’re here to pull back the curtain and give you an inside look at what White Maeng Da Kratom is, where it comes from, its effects on things such as body pain or to help with a medical condition, and why so many people love certain kratom strains from the best quality kratom.

White Maeng Da Kratom: a bit of history 

Kratom has been used for centuries as a mood enhancer, energy booster, pain reliever and more. In Southeast medicine and cultures, kratom has long been revered for its potent properties and ability to uplift the user’s spirits. People would chew or drink the kratom leaf as it’s from a tree.

There are many kratom strains and types such as white vein kratom, red vein kratom, green vein kratom and red maeng da to just name a few kratom products. The kratom industry is growing fairly rapidly as users want the best kratom they can buy to help with either boosting their mood or helping with pain. It is advised that if you are on prescription medications for a serious medical condition that you get your doctor’s advice first before taking kratom.

Only recently has western culture began to take kratom mainstream. Today, nearly 15 million in the US alone use kratom for a wide range of purposes instead of prescribed medicines.

But what about White Maeng Da Kratom (white vein strains) and what is it?

Where Does Maeng Da Kratom Come From?

White Maeng Da Kratom is a special strain (or ‘vein’) of kratom that is known for its potency and energizing effects. Its name comes from the traditional Thai word for ‘pimp’ or ‘pimp grade’, eluding to its powerful effects on the user. It’s one of the most popular and potent kratom strain.

Originating in Thailand, Maeng Da Kratom has spread throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, with exports making it available worldwide with fast shipping for people to enjoy. If you want a quality kratom product then when it originates from Thailand – you know it will be very good as the weather there is ideal to grow kratom and they will have good manufacturing practices too.

How is White Maeng Da Kratom Made? 

All kratom comes from the processed leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. This tree, native to Southeast Asia, produces a variety of naturally occurring alkaloids. These alkaloids, concentrated in the leaves, are known to produce a range of physiological and psychostimulatory effects.

Despite all kratom coming from the same species of tree, there are a few major differences that make White Maeng Da so special for kratom use.

Each of the Following Influences the Production and Concentration of Alkaloids:

1. Climate – Thailand’s unique climate, blending heat and humidity 

2. Nutrients/soil composition 

3. When and how the leaves are harvested 

4. How the leaves are processed 

When it comes to White Maeng Da Kratom, the leaves necessary are harvested early by hand early on in their maturation cycles. Care is taken to pick only the healthiest and best leaves to ensure top notch good quality.

Once harvested, the leaves are dried indoors, away from any light (both natural and lamplight). This results in a lighter colored kratom, and reduces any oxidation that may be caused by UV rays for the highest quality product.

What Are the Effects of White Maeng Da Kratom? 

Research has demonstrated that kratom’s effects can vary wildly depending on the dose and type. However, real reviews from people who use white maeng da kratom often report that it is among the most energizing of strains. But people shouldn’t use this to treat cure or prevent an illness without seeking medical advice from a professional.

Some alkaloids in kratom have been shown to elicit a stimulatory effect, especially at low doses, and it is this effect which seems to shine through the most with this white vein of kratom. Some users even prefer it over their morning and afternoon coffee ‘pick me up’ to stimulate opiate receptors.

However, white maeng da kratom is also thought to be among the strongest varieties, which makes dosing a challenge for new users.

Other Purported Effects By Users Include:

  • Elevated mood
  • Enhanced outlook on the day/life
  • Uplifted feeling
  • Euphoria 
  • Fucus and clarity
  • Creativity 

When it comes to getting things done and feeling great about it, this is the strain of kratom users tend to flock to and want to take top notch quality kratom.

What Strains are Similar to White Maeng Da Kratom? 

Turns out, ‘White’ isn’t the only strain of Maeng Da available. Although each have their nuances, each variety of Maeng Da shares many of the core characteristics that make this type of kratom so popular.

Other Similar Strains Include:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da

What Does White Maeng Da Kratom Look, Taste and Smell Like? 

Appearance: Despite the name, its not white. That said, white maeng da is typically lighter in color than other strains. Expect a light to bright green appearance.

Consistency: Kratom leaves are micro processed and pulverized into a fine powder (similar to matcha) with the whole leaf used.

Aroma: Earthy, botanical, similar to cut grass

Taste: Notably bitter (as with all kratom). This is largely due to the naturally occurring alkaloids and is why many users prefer to mix kratom with juice or take as a capsule.

Benefits of White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

As mentioned, kratom is notably bitter, making it hard for some to get down. Powder can also be messy, hard to measure proper doses (if you don’t have a digital scale), and challenging to take on the go. It can also be time consuming or inconvenient to prepare.

By contrast, kratom capsules offer several benefits including:

  • Privacy and discretion
  • Easy to take on the go
  • No prep time
  • Laser precise doses every time
  • Consistency 
  • No taste to mask

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25 reviews for White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  1. Ronnie Aliangan




  3. Marie


  4. Briana

    AMAZING energy! This strain provides an excellent boost of energy, a moderate amount of pain relief, and boosts your mood which makes it a great daytime strain while working! I get so much more done when I am take a few white maeng da capsules.

  5. Anthony zaharis

    Great 5

  6. Donna

    Very satisfied! I have a back injury and chronic terrible thoracic back pain. After receiving my order today I was able to get some laundry done, clean the bathroom, clean up the kitchen…and more. I havent been able to do any of that for many months!

  7. Raynemoore

    This stuff gives me an amazing amount of energy and helps me in social situations. Great confidence booster. The customer service is amazing especially Andrew.

  8. felixpuella1986

    Excellent product! You can skip any coffee with this product!. Also, the capsules are so much easier than powder. The combination of excellent product and brilliant customer service, keeps me coming back to the Kratom Connection.

  9. nurseliza21

    Excellent product!! I’ve had nerve pain for over 4 years. Nothing the doctor’s gave me helped. I heard about Kratom and decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised!! It helps my pain better than anything I’ve ever tried! It also gives me a good boost of energy! This product has literally changed my life and given my kids their Mom back! Chronic pain is absolutely horrible and Kratom makes it so much better! Also The Kratom Connection is by far the best company I’ve ordered from! Great service, fast free shipping and bigger capsules!

  10. Anthony

    Throughout my life I have battled addiction, and 2 years ago I had back surgery. The pain use to make me always want to take pain pills or drink alcohol to numb it. I can say that kratom and the Kratom Connection have been a God send. Not only does it help with the pain but it also curbs my appetite for alcohol and other drugs. I’ve been taking kratom for 7 months now and haven’t touched any alcohol or other drug’s. Even with the few side effects it’s still a hell of a lot better than waking up hungover or chasing down pills. The energy and pain relief I get from this strain in the morning when my body hurts most is incredible. I’m a kratom believer and Kratom Connection has the best place to get a great quality product at a reasonable price.

  11. John rand

    Great energy boost

  12. Scotty Lohr

    Well, I’m a believer now. I watched a program on Netflix touting the advantages of Katom so I threw caution to the wild and bought 500 capsules to get the discount. Please keep in mind the I’ve taken EVERY know prescription opioid available from “doctors” and it all worked great…for two weeks them had to take more and more which was only created it’s own pain in the long run.

    Next: I just received my shipment today and took one capsule which did little: as far as I could tell so it ne hour later I took a second 1 gram capsule and now, two hours later, my pain due to sciatica, scoliosis, spodilytis, lumbago and osteoarthritis is gone. NOT BETTER…GONE!!

    Further proof: our government is a money machine which cares little or nothing regardless our chronic pain so we the people must fight for this substance and call it…NOT a part n killer, but rather a substance which helps us with our energy so that the FDA will no lable it a drug so that this wonderfully nature plant will always be available to United States citizens to make our own choices for ourselves. Rules and regulations be damned. This is a nature God God ven substance which we, as a “free people” must fight for, for each other to help us as we see fit. PLEASE NEVER call it a pain killer ot the powers that be will take our choices away from us and call in big pharma to rid us of our personal choices to use Kratom as we choose Thanks for hearing my long winded speech and let’s stick together folks. We need to look ve each other and stick together because governments care nothing about our personal freedoms anymore. Love your pal, Scotty Lohr

  13. Gina

    This has helped with my pain so much better than I could have hoped for. I am thankful for this herbal supplement.

  14. Tami King

    I like them they give me energy for the long days I have to do

  15. Miki Wilburn

    Best product by far. I used to drive 3.5 hours to buy good Kratom. I paid an insane amount of money for 40 capsules. The quality of this product is phenomenal, affordable and shipped right to the house. Outstanding!

  16. Dean webster at the

    Excellent source real quick delivery

  17. Angela Clark

    Absolute favorite strain, it gives me amazing energy and complete pain relief. Your company has the best shipping, free and so unbelievably fast!!! Will not order from anywhere else.

  18. Rob

    Where have you been all my life? Within 15 minutes of taking 4 capsules I’ve got energy and mood boost galore!

  19. Cynthia Michta

    My favorite. Was finally able to stop pain pills, & be able to live life! More energy than other strains. Shout out to this company also. The absolute BEST shipping, prices & communication!

  20. Melinda


  21. Pdubbs

    If you’re in need of some serious energy this is for you. I don’t do caffeine at all; no coffee or sodas. When I took 2 of these it was like having a triple shot of espresso. I am a former coffee drinker and the extra espresso shots were my jam. But 10 years later after quitting caffeine (no real reason why, I just stopped) and taking 2 of these…
    It was a shock to my system. The small amount of caffeine in aspirin shocks my system.
    I was interestingly surprised. I’ve yet to take anymore of this particular strand again. But I’m going to try it again very soon and when I do I will come back to re-review it.
    I gave it 5 stars because everything I’ve ordered from TKC has helped me in ways that other options have not. I only order from TKC, they have proven to me that they are the best in my opinion and the staff is excellent!

  22. Joseph

    I have tried numerous vendors and TKC is hands down the best of the best. 000 1 gram capsules…but most important to me is the quality. I have found nothing that compares. Thanks

  23. joseph restifo

    Great stuff but over priced.

  24. Dana


  25. Melanie

    Love your Kratom! I absolutely could not make through work day without it!! Perfect amount for daytime:)

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