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White Elephant Kratom

The Proverbial “Elephant in the Room” of Kratom Strains

While kratom is typically named after the geographical area of origin, White Elephant bucks this trend, with a name as unique as its properties and effects.

Aptly named, this strain is called the ‘white elephant’ for a good reason. The shape of the leaves from which it comes are shaped like…you guessed it, elephant ears!!

But that’s just the start of what makes this kratom strain so highly sought after. Purity, potency, and effects; this guide covers what you need to know about White Elephant Kratom powder.

What is White Elephant Kratom?

This strain of kratom comes from Mitragyna Speciosa, the same indigenous pine tree from Southeast Asia as do other strains. What makes elephant kratom strains so unique is the type of leaf it comes from, and the unique process of making it.

These, large floppy, voluminous leaves house a unique alkaloid profile, producing varying effects from other strains. Considered among many to rank among the most potent strains, White Elephant Kratom is known for its potency and duration of effects.

Despite its popularity, this strain is also among the most difficult to find and is generally on the more expensive side. You can also find the elephant ears kratom powder and capsules in other colors, such as Red Vein Kratom powder.

How is White Elephant Kratom Made?

Elephant Kratom produces the largest leaves out of all of the Kratom strains. The trees that make the type of leaves specific to this strain are few and far between. They take specialized care, attention, and time to mature. This strain requires the use of large leaves harvested early in their maturity, once they reach peak size. Next, they undergo a specialized drying process in a cooled room absent of any UV light (no sunlight). These precautions ensure that the drying process will not break down its valued alkaloids.

The History of White Elephant Kratom

This strain has a fascinating and storied history. Used by the native people of the JongKong region in Indonesia, this strain has long been a natural holistic supplement for mood, wellness, and the treatment of ailments among tribes. Today, the strain is revered for its potency, long-lasting effects, and balanced feel.

What Are the Origins of White Elephant Kratom?

The leaves of the Mitroagyna Speciosa tree, responsible for producing elephant kratom strains are cultivated in the humid and dense jungles and along rivers throughout Southeast Asia.

They Can Be Found in the following Countries or Regions:

  • Borneo 
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Vietnam
  • Papa New Guinea
  • Malaysia 

What are the Key Alkaloids of the White Elephant Strain?

The effects of this strain are attributed to its unique alkaloid profile. Although all kratom strains have up to hundreds of alkaloids, the leaves used for White Elephant kratom are rich in both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Together, these alkaloids, along with trace elements of others, work synergistically to produce the effect for which the strain is so well noted.

What Strains are Similar to White Elephant Kratom?

Those who enjoy White Elephant may want to check out similar strains found in the same vein. White strains such as the White Vein Maeng Da and White Borneo may be a welcomed addition for your cupboard.

Where to Buy White Elephant Kratom?

You’re already here! Although there are several great sources of kratom online, White Elephant Kratom is considered a delicacy among kratom users and is becoming increasingly difficult to find due to both demand and the need for mature leaves that take longer to cultivate.

At the Kratom Connection, we work directly with farmers who put love and care into every crop, ensuring the highest quality kratom makes it from their fields to your home. We believe in providing the best kratom powder and other related products as well as exemplary customer service.

Contact us today, by phone, our email address, or our contact form, and find out why so many people trust the Kratom Connection for all of their kratom powder and capsule needs. Whether you need your kratom powder delivered to San Diego, Sarasota County, or somewhere in Rhode Island, we’ve got you covered! We offer free shipping on all kratom orders in the United States, so check out our selection of White Elephant Kratom powder and capsules, as well as our other strains of kratom.


NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. We recommend that you consult your physician before consuming kratom powder or any other supplement, especially while taking prescription medications. At this time, this product has not been evaluated by the FDA, but it can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy.

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7 reviews for White Elephant Kratom Powder

  1. Steven


  2. Heather

    Definitly uplifting and energizing. Pleasantly surprised as it does not produce the anxiety/nervousness tendancies like the white vein maeng da sometimes does.

  3. Dorothy Carson


  4. Sheldon kooper

    Amazing for pain, joint bone fibromyalgia, nerve pain. It helped so much it was truly a relief when it releaved my pain I have pain constantly bombarded with the sensation of pain. Having a break from the pain means the world to me and it’s legal!

  5. Bill

    I Love this strain! High energy, kind of intense but not overwhelming. Also really strong pain relief. I like to alternate between the White Elephant and White Mang Da.

  6. Jay

    This strain is amazing! Loads of energy!

  7. Brendon Rundell

    I’ve been trying the different strains for the past 4 years. I’m surprised there isn’t a ton more people trying the white elephant. If you’re feeling like rubbish then with the right amount you’ll be astonished at how it all goes away and you are feeling quite energized and good. It doesn’t give you that wired feeling like you get when you take too much of the white maeng da.

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