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Red Maeng Da Kratom 

A Potent and Effective herb renowned for its many benefits 

Hailing from the jungles of Thailand comes Red Maeng Da Kratom, a strain of kratom notable for its potency, aroma and effects. 

For these reasons, Red Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains of kratom on the market, with millions of individuals worldwide enjoying the plant and powder. Be it in capsule or powder form, Red Maeng Da has a lot to offer.

Where is Red Maeng Da Grown?

This strain of kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees grown throughout Southeast Asia, with this particular strain coming from trees mostly found throughout Thailand. Thailand’s unique weather patterns, heat, humidity and jungle soil all contribute to the development of trees producing a unique concentration of naturally occurring alkaloids. These alkaloids are thought to be the major compounds responsible for the plant’s effects when consumed.

How is Red Maeng Da Cultivated?

Mitragyna Trees require a constant watchful eye, with local farmers possessing knowledge passed down through generations. This experience, combined with good old fashioned hard work, results in a crop of healthy plants that produce a consistent crop of leaves from which kratom is eventually made.

How are the Leaves Harvested?

Similar to growing the tree itself, harvesting the leaves is a process that blends experience, art and science. The leaves used to make Red Maeng Da Kratom are large and wide, coming to a point at its narrowest tip. The leaves harvested to make this particular strain or ‘vein’, are carefully monitored and hand-selected for health and quality. 

Each leaf will have red ‘veins’ on its underside, hence the name ‘red vein kratom’. This color is indicative of both the maturity of the leaf, as well as the unique combination and concentration of alkaloids present.

The red-veined leaves needed for Red Mae Da kratom are usually harvested during the tree’s initial growth spurt, brought on by heavy rains following the dry season.

What Makes Red Mae Da Kratom so Potent? 

Although the leaves from which this strain of kratom is made contain several dozen alkaloids, it is two that are especially potent and present in higher concentrations in this red-veined variety.

During the dry season, the Mitragyna Speciosa tree slows its growth cycle. This results in alkaloids building up and increasing in concentration. When the rainy season (growth season) comes, these alkaloids are deposited in the leaves, initially presenting with an increased redness in the veins of these leaves.


One such alkaloid, thought to be responsible for the majority of the strain’s effects, is Mitragynine. Overall, this alkaloid represents around 66% of the plant’s total alkaloid concentration.

Other Alkaloids Commonly Present in Red Maeng Da

Speciogynine – The third most abundant alkaloid overall, this compound has demonstrated potential as a muscle relaxant in scientific literature. 

Speciociliatine – Shown in scientific literature to act as an opioid agonist, this alkaloid is present in only small amounts ranging between 0.8-1%.

Paynantheine – Has shown promise in studies as a potential smooth muscle relaxer, and is present in concentrations ranging between 8.5-9% of total alkaloids, making it the second-highest concentrated alkaloid in the profile.

Trace Alkaloids: other alkaloids present, albeit in smaller concentrations and arguably producing much lower effects are (C9) methoxy-oxindoles,  aj ajmalicine, traces of, and traces of other indoles.

What Are the Effects of Red Mae Da Kratom? 

The effects of Red Maeng Da, as with any other kratom strain, are dose and user-dependent. This is a particularly strong strain, with moderate to higher doses said to elicit a relaxed, sedative state.

Users who consume low doses of the strain often report an energizing effect. In fact, kratom was first used to increase energy, improve mood, and keep workers motivated in the hot summer fields of Southeast Asia.

Other Reported Effects By Users Include:

  • Uplifted mood and spirit 
  • Better perceived outlook on the day and life
  • Deep relaxation and reduction of stress
  • Improved focus and motivation


Similar Strains

Strains from the same vein (although different regions and growing conditions) that have similar but unique effects of their own include:

  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Hulu 
  • Red Bentuangie 

Two Other Strains NOT of the Red-Veined Variety that Red Kratom Users Often Enjoy for Their Similar Alkaloid Profiles (but in differing concentrations) Include:

  • Green Maeng Da Capsules
  • White Maeng Da Capsules


Why The Kratom Connection? 

Although kratom has long been a stable herb in Southeastern Asia, used for generations as a natural botanical for both energy and relaxation as well as stress relief, it is a relative newcomer to Western nations.

With most businesses selling kratom being small mom and pop operations, little is often employed in the way of quality assurance and third-party testing to ensure quality, safety and potency.

At the Kratom Connection we work directly with farmers, controlling the product quality from cultivation and harvesting, direct to your doorstep. As a leader in the kratom industry, we set the standard for quality product exceptionally high, utilizing third-party lab testing to ensure each product on our shelves not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.



We use the 000 size capsules which hold roughly 1 gram! Most vendors use 00 sized capsules which only hold .5 grams.

The kratom used in our Red Maeng Da Capsules is the same kratom that we sell as our Red Maeng Da kratom powder. This strain of kratom comes from the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Red Vein Maeng Da is the best selling strain in our store.

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35 reviews for Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  1. Aaron

    I am really stoked that these guys started carrying capsules, I have a bit of a weak stomach. It is such a better deal than the smoke shops and no more gagging on kratom powder, hooray!

  2. Robyn Marie

    Great !!

  3. Suzanne Lowrie

    I’m happy to have a local place where I can buy. Red vein gives me six hours with zero pain. I swim two hours every morning. I’m almost 75. Sometimes my mind is disorganized because the pain is intense. I take one capsule before swim which allows me to workout the full two hours.

  4. Briana

    This strain REALLY helped me get off the suboxone. Great for pain and some subtle energy which was a really nice surprise. I was off the pain meds within 1 week of taking kratom. It is an phenomenal.

  5. Andrew

    Great energy and pain relief! I take 5 capsules and I am good to go!

  6. Frankie Erwin

    Great stuff

  7. David Christofaro

    Great experience and awesome product will return for more thanks to the Kratom connection team 5stars all the way !!!!!!*********

  8. Julie Applewhite Poppy Hill Collies

    Great product. I’m happy with the larger capsules, don’t have to swallow so many (of the smaller size)

  9. johnsontreecare1983

    I couldn’t order from this page and I call customer support he had my order done in 5 minutes thank you so much.

  10. Melissa Berry

    I have ordered for myself my brother and we are trying to wein off opiates and finding it’s awesome product have been so happy with customer support they’re always they’re for me and it’s a great quality product would advise to anyone !! One more thing my husband had been in methadone for 17 years and it’s working for him it’s a miracle thank you guys I really trust you and your product!! The Berry’s

  11. Zack

    Good product, easy discreet, blazing fast delivery. Happy with this transaction.

  12. Kimberly

    Great product! Highly recommended!

  13. Bill Prusak

    Excellent pain remover (nephropathy) Helps with sleep – usually – 2 capsules equals 90 minutes sleep. Loose stool is quickly remedied, I’ve not had such large well shaped BM in years!

    Reputable Company, responsive, fast delivery.

    Columbus, OH

  14. felixpuella1986

    Excellent product! Nice mix of energy and pain relief. Also, the capsules are so much easier than powder. The combination of excellent product and brilliant customer service, keeps me coming back to the Kratom Connection.

  15. Antonio

    Works great I’ve had a few back surgeries, helps with pain,

  16. guinness180

    WOW!! Gotta say, you guys are even faster then Amazon!! I ordered Friday afternoon and it’s sunday morning and it just got delivered!! Amazing. Ordered 200 caps of red Maeng Da. Taking it now. I’ll write a review how the product is very soon…

  17. leghorn9

    This is amazing stuff. 2 pills is all I need. It makes me feel great with no side effects or dependence. It’s helping to wean me off Effexor, an antidepressant. Much preferable to marijuana, in my experience.

  18. james vine

    So far so good.

  19. bandit4011


  20. MVinc10560

    Was having a problem placing order online; called and spoke with Andrew. Exceptional customer service in completing entry of my order. If this is an example of their product quality, I know I’ll be a return customer. Thanks, Andrew!!!

  21. kimhoneycutt82

    I’ve been on suboxone for several years. I heard about this stuff and tried it and have been off suboxone for today is my 6th day! No withdrawals! I’m gonna take for another week and see how I do without anything. So thankful for this stuff

  22. Donnetta Blunt

    I see that this is good for mathdon and I’ve been on methadon for over 10 years and I want to try Kratom wish me luck

  23. webhead069

    it works

  24. Scott Lohr

    Great stuff for killing my (shhhhhh, don’t say the P word) or the government will make it illegal, like all that is good. Big pharma wants us hooked on their rotten pain killers. The other great thing is I’ve literally stopped taking my prostate meds as Kratom has allowed me to pee like I used to as a teen ager and the results were immediate! Who knew? but I haven’t had to take a single tamsulosin since starting Kratom. The down side is they are huge and get stuck in my throat which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. Plus the effectiveness is wear off a bit in only a few weeks, but I expected that from reading first. I can’t say enough good folks. I’ve struggled with opioid pain killers for years and Kratom has no high; no sickness and above all: totally non-addictive!! Hurray for nature…down with pharmaceuticals!!

  25. jayne storey

    i am being “tapered down” by my pain Dr.
    The CDC is calling the shots as to how much opioids I should be taking for MY pain.
    how dare them!!!!
    The KRATOM I buy from the KRATOM CONNECTION, has helped me soooooo much in doing this.
    I have already halved my RX’s!!!
    I am hoping to completely go off of ALL my meds., and just use the powder for my pain relief.

  26. Michael Kramer

    Wonderful product.

  27. teedee911

    I’ve been experiencing more joint paint as I get older and found this stuff REALLY helps, I usually do a teaspoon in the morning followed by coffee an hour later.
    Works great, no pain and a nice energy kick that lasts well past lunchtime. On the weekends I don’t use it at all so I don’t
    build up too much of a tolerance.

    Love this stuff, think of trying a different strain.

  28. Lola B.

    I literally just ordered Wednesday after 4pm EST. Delivered Saturday at 2pm. That in itself is amazing. Struggling with chronic severe back pain after surgery (as a result of a car accident years ago). I hated going to the pharmacy so many times and being looked at like I was “just trying to get high”. I hated the terrible withdrawals from pharmaceuticals. I hated looking at my prescription bottles more than half empty and realizing I would run out before due a refill. Anxiety at it’s worse! Kratom has done tremendously well helping me control my pain and get back to daily life. I’m still experimenting with different strains to find the one that works best for me, but I’m pretty sure it’s a red. Very happy with this vendor and I will be a repeat customer for sure.

  29. Affinity B.

    I got tired of running out of my pain meds a week before I could get my refill, going through hell and white knuckling it until my doctor would refill them again. I obviously bought these in the hopes that they would help with opiate withdrawals. They did help make the withdrawals a BIT more bearable but I still had anxiety and definitely NO euphoria. I did notice that my legs didn’t ache like they always do when I’m going through withdrawals and I haven’t had to call in sick to work for the first time. It’s only the second strain I’ve tried, keep hoping that one perfect strain will make things even easier and help me out of this vicious cycle. Keep trying!

  30. patiscake33

    I sent an email this past Wednesday (today is Saturday) and waited for a reply. I was very antsy to order, so I ordered before I was contacted by email and phone approximately 10 minutes after placing my order. I spoke to Arvin (both by email & phone) he was such a sweetheart. I suspect that all of TKC custom support are.
    I received my discreet package yesterday; literally 48 hours after I made my purchase. I’m one of those people who spends many hours searching for the best vendor and educating myself about products that I purchase such as Kratom etc. I also read as many reviews as possible. I spent many hours on Kratom and decided to go with TKC and I’m so happy that I did. I’m SUPER happy with my purchase! I totally dig that there’s approximately 1 gram per capsule. There are 2 other vendors that I have tried… 1 was WAY overpriced and only available in shops. The 2nd I purchased at another shop and they were 0.5 per capsules, that’s a lot of capsules taken at one time. They were overpriced, understandable because they are in the business of making some kind of profit and paying rent etc…When I checked online I couldn’t find their web address for the Kratom and it was on the bottle??? That’s super sketchy to me! Plus they weren’t nearly as good for my pain than the ones I purchased here.
    I rely on the everyday purchaser reviews. Not YouTube reviews (I love YouTube) or “best of reviews.” I purchase to many products online to trust any other review than the everyday person who doesn’t benefit from leaving a review. That would be the previous purchase reviews and my own, which I hope helps others in choosing both the company and the products.
    I’m very long winded, I apologize. In a nutshell my purchase was smooth and quick, around 48 hours total. Customer support is excellent A+++++
    The Kratom is excellent and very well priced.
    Red Strain Kratom is a calming, relaxed, painless feel plus for my fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression and Crohn’s disease and I will be purchasing more very soon. By no means am I saying replace your meds with Kratom, nor do I use it everyday. I still take my meds that I have to take. But with all the regulations that have been happening in the past few years it’s extremely helpful and hopeful to have something that will help with my almost constant personal pain. In my research I found out that the different strains are used for different reasons. I plan on trying them too. If you’re on the fence about who to purchase from; I can say that TKC is an excellent vendor as a whole period.
    Thank you Kratom Connection… you guys are rocking this!!!! A+++++++ overall

  31. kellyb2008

    First time user and this works wonders. It takes my chronic arthritis and muscle pain from a 7/10 to about a 3/10. It gives me a good energy boost. It improves my mood which is something multiple antidepressants have failed to do. Highly recommend this strain for moderate pain relief, energy boost, and mood enhancer. Great product and could not be happier with the super fast shipping!

  32. Chris

    Absolutely, worth it✅
    So impressed of the help it had already given me , like so many others , this is awesome!

  33. cathybair2013

    I’ve never in my 52 years had such amazing service. It was amazing. Ok, I have chronic pain and suffer 24/7. Now I have energy to get up and out of the house and this type of Kratom definitely helps with pain. I thank God I found this company. It has changed my life forever. ♡♡

  34. Rick

    I started using”red” about a year ago. I am a retired veteran and suffering from spinal stenosis. Although there is no cure, and I have ruled out surgery, I have found 75% relief using the red strain. I only use it about once a week and take 5 grams. It works better than anything the Docs have prescribed. Service is excellent. I highly recommend the product and the Company.

  35. Stephen Katagiri

    I will certainly return!

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