Green Malay Kratom Capsules

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BIG CAPSULES! 1 gram of kratom per capsule (000 size)

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We use the 000 size capsules which hold roughly 1 full gram! Most vendors use 00 sized capsules which only hold .5 grams.

The kratom used in our Green Malay Kratom Capsules is the same kratom that we sell as our Green Malay Kratom powder. This strain of kratom comes from the island of Borneo in Indonesia.

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100 Capsules (100 Grams), 200 Capsules (200 Grams), 300 Capsules (300 Grams), 400 Capsules (400 Grams), 500 Capsules (500 Grams)

8 reviews for Green Malay Kratom Capsules

  1. Angela

    Beware, powerful strain!! This one knocked me on my butt. I slept like a baby which was great! It also calmed me down considerably, I can see why people really love this stuff, great for anxiety.

  2. Andrew

    GREAT for ANXIETY! It is also a very potent strain. I only need 3-4 grams and I am set for at least 5 hours.

  3. aaronworx4u

    I was surprised by this one. Many greens are subtle for me. In higher doses the green Malay induced heavy napping! My eyes became tired and I woke up 2 hours later well rested. In smaller amounts this one left me relaxed and helped aches in my back from a 6 hour drive. One of the most memorably potent green veins I’ve had in the past several years.

  4. felixpuella1986

    Excellent product! Fantastic for mood elevation, anxiety.. Also, the capsules are so much easier than powder. The combination of excellent product and brilliant customer service, keeps me coming back to the Kratom Connection.

  5. shiloh_humes

    This helps with pain. Today is my second day and my mood is nice and pain is low. I had 4g on the first day and 4g so far today and its still working.

  6. Danny

    I super love this strain!! 😍 It helps my mood tremendously!!

  7. Shannon orr


  8. Mary Breitweiser

    I love your service

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